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Gravesend CTC member Stuart Orr earlier this year cycled an epic 1,847 miles down the west coast of the USA.

Read his full report here.

Winged words - the magazine of the West Kent CTC

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Members of the Gravesend CTC were recently featured in the Kent Messenger.

Read the article here.

Photos can be purchased from here.

16th / 17th March 2012

Six of our club members cycled from Gravesend to Dieppe in France.

Read More.

West Kent CTC camping rally at Hopehill Camp Site

again a huge success.

Members from all over the West Kent CTC area converged on Hopehill campsite on the 1st and 2nd of September 2012.

As well as being a huge social event there was also a camp fire sing song and cycling games organised by Pete Ashley with assistance from Tony Holland. The weather was good and on the Sunday morning there was the option of a walk in the countryside or a bike ride led by Tony Holland.

See photos and videos

See photos and videos from 2011.

West Kent Camping Rally 2014, Hopehill Campsite 30th/31st August

Viewed from the outside by Vic Ashley.

There are only three things you need for a good rally; reasonable weather, lots of fun

things to do and good friends to chat to.

This years event was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday but Graham from Pontifract

couldn't wait – he arrived on Friday and spent the night on his own.

Saturday's entertainment included that team game - loved by all the local cycle wheel

builders – Cycle Polo! My son Peter loves this and throws himself into it with careless

abandon, this year a little too much careless and abandon was thrown as he got himself

tangled up somehow and suffered a lacerated leg – but he did score a goal I believe.

The evening saw traditional singsong entertainment around the campfire accompanied

by a few amusing sketches and jokes. Everyone sang their hearts out until late in the

evening with musical accompaniment provided by the banjo and keyboard. Everyone

retired to their tents tired but happy ready for the next day.

The next day began bright and early with campers devouring cooked breakfasts

prepared on their camping stoves along with large mugs of tea. Hugh Roach led a

picturesque walk around Happy Valley and Harvel and a cycle ride was led by Peter

Scott. Both the walk and ride were planned so that everyone arrived back at the

campsite in time for lunch.

Sunday's afternoon game activities were a little more select than Saturday's and

simply involved tying a balloon to the end of your bike, getting yourself a short stick with a wicked looking pin on the end of it and sallying forth, the intention being to burst everyone else's balloon and become the last man standing (or riding) and thus the winner. This was much enjoyed, especially by the younger ones who would have looked even more terrifying had they been mounted on a charger, in shining armour

and wielding a full size lance! The Tug-of-War afterwards seemed quite sedate by

comparison. (I always said cycling shoes could not grip on damp grass).

And the Chat part of the weekend; there was quite a lot of that, going on together with

much drinking of tea etc. so it was, for me, a very good rally and if you didn't attend then

you missed a good event.

Wednesday Wobblers at their new meeting point, the Cyclopark at Gravesend

January 2015 - New Meeting Place for Wednesday Wobblers

The Wednesday Wobblers have a new meeting place, they are now meeting at the Cyclopark which is in the Linear park where the A2 used to be before it was moved a few years ago.